Revopoint Pop 3D Scanner Unboxing


How’s it going everyone? This scanner just came out, I did not get the Kickstarter, I got the pre order that they were doing after the Kickstarter. So this is the first batch of, I suppose, real product.


Let’s see what’s in the box. We have some QR codes and coupons for sharing this product, a back drawn or placement stickers, and a couple miscellaneous things. Let me just take everything out first. Let’s lay it down here so we have a turntable and power adapter for that. Now when I bought this, they had a lot of different options whether you want to just the scanner or with the turntable as well. I don’t remember the other options, I think one was Android versus iPhone, the mind was the iPhone version with the turntable.

That’s why we have a mount for this. Now this is interesting… it’s perhaps some sort of cast, but it’s supposed to be for the demo, I guess, in case you don’t have anything to scan
we have some gloves, it doesn’t detect black objects very well, or shiny objects, reflective objects. If you’re holding something and you’re wearing a black glove, it’ll just scan your product. And on that note of black backdrops and not being able to detect black, we have just a piece of plastic, perhaps a garbage bag. Oh, somewhat open it up. It looks like a garbage bag. I’m not sure whether it would be better to use something like a plastic bag that is black and shiny, which the scanner doesn’t see that well. Or if it’s better to use fabric that isn’t shiny, but still black. I’d be curious to try that. It looks like we have ourselves a fancy USB that is not marked at all. But that’s kind of cool. Holds up party decorations. Yay. Then we got some sticky stuff… probably something along the lines of blue tack. To be used in case you need to somehow put an object at some weird angle. Just put some of this sticky stuff down and it should do the trick. And lastly, we have… I don’t know the technical term for this but I guess tracking markers? Dots that can see the position for scanning larger items. I also saw a video, I believe it was this product, and they scanned a whole car which was kind of cool. I wonder if it has to be specifically this size and these trackers or if you can make your own. That’s also something to look into.

All right. And now we get to the good stuff. Okay, got a little warranty card here. Got a tripod, well built for being a tiny tripod. We have our cables is USB, a 3.02 Micro We’ll be 3.0 And we have USB C to micro B 3.0. And there you go. There. You. Go.


When I was looking for 3D scanners, I was looking for a few different features. One of them was price point, I wanted something cheap enough that I didn’t have to spend a couple $1,000. This one was roughly $570. It’s a little cheaper without the turntable, about $500, if I remember correctly, and the second feature was to 3D scan fine resolution: fine resolution in smaller objects. The third feature I wanted was so I could pick up the scanner and move it around a large object. I can do that with the tracer dots here. I don’t know if I’m going to scan my car yet, but I’ll have the option.


I know, I know. I haven’t explained any details on this product at all. And haven’t showed you any of its capability. Unfortunately, it’s going to have to be another video. This one’s just unboxing and letting you know what is in the box when you get it. I’ll have to tinker around with it to give you a full scope of its capabilities. If you have any questions about the product, leave it down in the comments.

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=== Gear Used in Video ===

— Main Camera —
Sony Alpha 7S III –

— Overhead Camera —
Sony Alpha a6400 –

— Lighting —
GVM 80 –
28″ Deep Parabolic –
Godox Strip softbox –

— Backdrop Lights —
Aputure 2 H672W LED Panels –

— Backdrop —
Westcott 139 9×20-Feet White –

— Lenses —
Tamron 28-75mm F/2.8 –
Tamron 70-180mm F/2.8 –
Tokina ATXAF120DXC 11-20mm f/2.8 –

— Mic —
Deity V-Mic D4 Duo –

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